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Increase Energy Efficiency with Vinyl Siding and Updating Roofing Replacement

Energy efficiency is becoming the new buzzword in homes as the global energy crisis drives energy prices through the roof. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to sell your home or just trying to afford living in it, taking measures to improve your house's energy efficiency is an investment worth investigation.

Of course, purchasing and installing energy efficient windows and appliances is the first step towards reducing those energy bills. Air conditioners and heaters actively use up electricity, and if they are not functioning well or up to modern standards, they could be costing you a fortune. Windows, of course, allow heat both in and out in the exact direction you don't want, so look into insulating them or getting energy efficient replacements. If you don't already know one, seeking out a good home improvement contractor to establish a long-term relationship is a good idea. First, you never know when you'll need them, and second they can give you good ideas for increasing energy efficiency you may not have thought of.

Once you've done these, however, it may be time to look at the broader areas of your home. The walls and roof are the biggest single areas on your house's exterior and as such are your biggest area of energy loss. They may not pour energy out of your house like windows can, but over time the greater surface area does add up. In addition, heat can rise right out through your roof in winter if you have inadequate roofing materials and insulation.

Vinyl siding does not offer much energy efficiency in and of itself. Rather, it offers a structure that extremely efficient insulation can be applied to. That structure combined with extremely good insulation is where you get true energy efficiency, not from vinyl siding by itself.

Get a professional apprasial on the energy efficiency of your current roof. If your current roofing material is old or if it was installed poorly, you could be losing a lot of heat through it. Metal is widely regarded as the most energy efficient roofing material, but proper installation and insulation is far more important than the exact roofing material you use. This is why it's so important to get a good roofing contractor who is experienced with the material you want on your roof.

While it may not be worth it to you to have a roofing replacement or vinyl siding installation done just for the energy efficiency, if you're having to replace it anyway you may as well go for energy efficiency. No matter what, you may want your good home improvement contractor to come out and take a look to inform you of what exactly is going on in your home and with your energy bill.



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